Reporting to Chief Executive Officer
Position Purpose
Head of the legal team. Facilitate and oversee the delivery of a quality legal function to support the business either directly or through delegation to the legal team or external counsel. Provide legal advice as and when required on a range of matters. Draft, review and negotiate key contracts and other legal documents on behalf of the business including procurement, project, shareholder, construction and finance documents. Provide initial advice on disputes.  Provide and facilitate a legal administrative function and ensure compliance with corporate governance.  Develop, maintain and disseminate relevant legal information, and ensure legal team remains up-to-date.
  • Draft, review and negotiate contractual documentation, provide legal advice on the same (including the provision of timely advice with regard to contractual obligations and potential liabilities / exposures, warranties, indemnities, and other terms and conditions) e.g. legal contracts, certificates, POAs, resolutions, legal letters and notices
  • Put in place standard contract templates and ensure staff know how to use them
  • Develop and ensure that a good system of corporate governance is in place and adhered to (e.g. contract approvals procedure, authority/signing matrix, and internal policies and procedures are up-to-date and staff receive appropriate training with regards to the same)
  • Provide a legal administrative function to the company (via oversight of external counsel and internal legal team) (e.g. maintaining the groups trade licenses, company registers, contracts)
  • Support and manage others within the legal function
  • Conduct ongoing and annual job performance reviews and assist with professionaldevelopment of team members
  • Participate in Steering Committees on projectbyproject basis
  • Participate in Management Meetings
  • Put in place document management system for executed contracts and other key legal documents (e.g. company incorporation and constitutional documents, POAs). Retain full ownership and control of all documents.
  • Pre-empt and reduce legal and commercial risk in advance by drafting, reviewing and amending corporate documentation (e.g. procurement documentation, contractual notices) as and when required
  • Develop and maintain a precedent database of documentation
  • Conduct legal research and educate and advise business units as and when required
  • Raise awareness of potential legal issues arising throughout the company and ensure that best practices are adhered to with a view to reducing any legal exposure for the company Evaluate and recommend external legal resources (e.g. online legal know how services)
  • Recommend and organize appropriate training (to legal and business teams)
  • Make recommendations with regards to seeking external legal advice, draft and negotiate terms of legal engagement (scope and fees), liaise with external counsel as and when required.
  • Manage deal allocation to the legal team
Person Specification

Minimum Experience Requirements

  • Minimum 10 years relevant experience in private practice and/or inhouse (sector, industry, region)
  • Inhouse legal experience
Minimum Education Requirements
  • Bachelors degree minimum
  • Legal practical training course/JD/LLB
  • Trained at top tier international law firm (or equivalent legal department)
  • Admitted to practice law in a primary legal jurisdiction (e.g. UK, Australia, USA)
Required Role Related/Technical Skills 

Rating Basic,
Intermediate, Expert

  • MS Office Suite Intermediate
  • Written and oral communication Expert
Interpersonal/ Behavioural Skills

(minimum 5 key

  • Resilience under pressure
  • Stakeholder management
  • Developing others
  • Negotiation
  • Organisation and planning
  • Written and oral communication
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