PRESS RELEASE: AMEA Power and Dii Desert Energy strengthen their cooperation to accelerate the energy transition in Africa, the Middle East and Asia and fast track emission-free energy projects.

We are thrilled to announce that AMEA Power is Lead Partner of Dii Desert Energy, an industry initiative  and  international  network  for  the  energy  transition  in  the  Middle  East  and  North Africa (MENA).
AMEA Power has a successful track record as a power developer and investor across Africa, Middle East  and  Asia.  AMEA  Power  is constantly  adapting  to technological  advances  in the  sector  of  green  technologies  and  has  the  primary  aim  to  lead  the  energy  transition,  we currently  face  globally,  in  an  effort  to  help countries,  and  corporates,  achieve  their  green goals. AMEA Power has diversified interests not only in its core focus of solar and wind,  but also in battery storage, carbon credits and green desalination, hydrogen and ammonia. 
In the present global climate actions and the current geopolitical context in Europe, the MENA region has the best cards for becoming the most important green energy Powerhouse globally through international green energy trade. The region has among the world’s best  solar and wind  resources,  availability  of  land  for  large  scale projects  as  well  as  significant  funding  availability. The complementarity of the abundant renewable energy resources allows a high-combined capacity factor and lower costs for green hydrogen production. Furthermore, the advanced export infrastructure and central location to energy demand markets (e.g. Europe,  East Asia) alongside local capabilities with a highly qualified workforce in the Oil & Gas sector,  can be repurposed for the use of hydrogen. The green molecules complement and accelerate  the  ‘green electrons’ revolution  to  ‘defossilize’ our  economies  as  well  as  to  create  local industries, jobs and other benefits. 
The  international  industry,  united  in  Dii  Desert  Energy  and  its  Desertec3.0  approach  is supporting regional governments and joining forces with project leaders such as AMEA Power  to accelerate the energy transition along the energy value chain. We eco the urgent message by  the  Intergovernmental  Panel  on  Climate  Change  (IPCC)  to  hurry  up  with  the  energy  transition  as  cheaper,  renewable  solutions  provide  green  jobs,  energy  security  and  greater price stability.
Cornelius  Matthes,  CEO  of  Dii  Desert  Energy:  ‘We  are  thrilled  to  welcome  AMEA Power  as Lead Partner of Dii Desert Energy and having Hussain Al Nowais join Dii’s Advisory Board. Dii  has always been a focused group of ‘doers of projects’. AMEA Power has an impressive track  record  of  achievements  in  Africa  and  Middle  East  and  we  are  looking  forward  to  working  together on further projects, including green hydrogen’.
Hussain J. Al Nowais, Chairman of AMEA Power: ‘AMEA Power is proud to establish itself as a lead partner of Dii Desert Energy. With our joint leadership and expertise, we are confident  that  the  implementation  of  activities  attributing  towards  the  energy  transition  within  our geographic  areas  of  focus  can come to fruition  at  a  more  rapid  and  efficient  rate  than  ever  before.  AMEA  Power  is  committed  to  continually  providing  long  term,  reliable  and  cost effective,  renewable  and  green  energy  solutions  to support  the  decarbonization  of  the economy’.

About Dii Desert Energy & the MENA Hydrogen Alliance

Dii  Desert  Energy  is  an  independent,  international  network operating  from  Dubai.  Dii was launched in 2009 as an industry initiative in Germany (formerly known as ‘Desertec Industrial  Initiative’) for accelerating the energy transition in the MENA region towards the supply of  green electrons and molecules across the regional and global energy value chains. Our group  is  encouraging  sustained  prosperity  and  stability  in  the  region  through  local  value  creation  and jobs thanks to the energy transition. This has been established in the market as Desertec  3.0. 
In  early  2020,  Dii  launched  the  MENA  Hydrogen  Alliance  to  kick start  green  hydrogen economies  and  to  provide  a  platform  to discuss  pathways  forward  and  formulate  joint  studies.  The Alliance acts as  an  impartial  advisor  to promote  projects,  elaborating business cases and structures for mid-scale to giga-scale projects. It proposes the necessary policy and  regulatory frameworks, identifies international off-takers and educates different  stakeholders  on  technical  and  economic  aspects  of  the  entire  value  chain, including  virtual and physical export of green energy. Dii’s platform of more than 60 companies and organizations from over 25 countries is mobilizing top executives, public stakeholders, R&D institutions and academia supporting Our Mission: No Emissions!

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About AMEA Power

Headquartered  in  Dubai,  AMEA  Power  acquires,  develops,  owns  and  operates  renewable  power generation assets in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The company has built a strong  pipeline  across  technologies  and  at  different  stages  of  development  in  emerging  markets. AMEA Power is led by a highly experienced international team with a proven track record in  the power sector. 
AMEA Power has renewable energy projects in operation and late stage developments in over 15 countries, including Jordan, Togo, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Chad, Mali, Kenya, Uganda and  Ethiopia. Last year, the company commissioned a 50MW solar power plant in Togo, a 50MW wind project and a 50MW solar power plant in Jordan.
Since  its  inception,  AMEA  Power  continues  to  be  on  track  to  become  one  of  the  fastest-growing renewable energy Independent Power Producers (IPPs), with additional projects set  to achieve financial close imminently.  
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